tiny house for sale with land

68% of tiny house dwellers have no mortgage. That’s just one of the many appeals of buying a tiny house.

If you are in the market for a tiny house for sale with land, read on. We’ll cover everything you need to know to help you get started.

Look for the Right Style and Location

Many people custom-build their tiny house to their exact specifications.

You can connect with a builder that can offer you various home plans of varying sizes from as small as 640 square feet. See more here.

If that’s not your wish, you can look for a small house for sale by previous owners. Either way, the most important consideration is where you will park your tiny house.

Because these homes are so small, people who live in tiny homes use the outdoors as part of their living space. You want to have access to the landscape that suits you.

Whether it’s access to trails or a lake, finding the right location is perhaps even more important than finding the right small house for sale.

There are sites like Zillow, LandWatch or Land And Farm that can help you find land in a certain city. You can also search based on land size or your price range.

Check out this advice for homebuyers to help you get educated.

Connect with Local Likeminded People

People who are interested in tiny homes should become part of your network. They are the perfect people who can tell you about any tiny house for sale with land that they know of. Or maybe they are selling themselves!

Tinyhousemap.com helps you find local people in your area who are interested in tiny houses in your area.

City-data.com has a forum so you can connect with people in your city. There’s a lot of local knowledge. These people can help you source information and materials that you need.

Don’t forget social media pages and hashtags as a way of connecting with local people who are interested in buying a tiny house.

Expanding your social circle to include people who share your passion for a tiny house will help you immensely.

Consider Zoning Laws

When you are considering buying a tiny house, you need to be mindful of zoning regulations.

Anyone who is interested in tiny homes needs to become familiar with zoning and building codes. Whether you want to use municipal water or live off the grid, zoning still affects you.

Zoning laws will play a large part in the type of building you can have as well as where it is located. Building codes deal primarily with safety and are rules that dictate how a structure must be built to pass these codes.

The rules also depend on whether your tiny house is considered an RV or an accessory dwelling unit.

RV or Accessory Dwelling Unit

If your tiny house has wheels, it’s considered an RV. If it is built on a foundation, it’s considered an accessory dwelling unit (or ADU).

If yours is on wheels, you’ll need to register your RV with your state and get it inspected before you can get a license plate. If your tiny home is legally considered an ADU, you will need to find out about your state’s requirements.

Usually, living outside of urban areas is easier, zoning wise. However, some states are more tiny-home friendly. Read about which states are the best for tiny house enthusiasts.

Final Thoughts on Tiny House for Sale with Land

We hope this article has given you the necessary information about finding a tiny house for sale with land.

Although downsizing to a tiny home can be an exciting life change, there are necessary considerations that need to be taken care of first so that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Next, review this list of 5 things to look for when buying a house (big or tiny).