realtor email marketing

Did you know that email subscribers are almost 4x more likely to share your content via social media, compared to leads through other channels? It’s one of the reasons realtor email marketing is so critical. Yet not all realtors are aware of how important this tried-and-true marketing tactic is.

Maybe you are already doing email marketing, or just thinking about it. Either way, it helps to know the top reasons why you should be doing it. Whether you need a refresher on why it works or are still on the fence about launching your own campaign, here are seven of the top benefits of email marketing:

1. Everyone Uses Email

Email is today what the office phone or fax machine was a few decades ago. Everyone has an email address. Research shows that 95% of online consumers have at least one address, and a majority of these users open their inbox each day.

Can you think of another correspondence method that 95% of people are using on a daily basis? Probably not. Don’t think your millennial audience is going to be visiting their mailbox for your next brochure or pamphlet.

To put it simply, email is everywhere, and almost every type of business is using email. Yours should be too.

2. The ROI of Realtor Email Marketing is Amazing

There are no other sales or marketing activities that have the bang for your buck that email provides. Research shows that the ROI of email marketing is over 4,000%. In the U.S., every $1 spent on email marketing brings back a whopping $44.

Imagine if you had access to a machine that spits out $44 for every $1 you put in. You’d put every cent you owned into it, and probably all the money you could borrow into it as well.

But this machine isn’t a fantasy – it’s real, and it’s called email marketing. Don’t let the opportunity go to waste by failing to create your own campaigns! You can always learn more about how to improve the conversion rates of your campaigns as necessary.

This gives you a chance to make your ROI even better!

3. The Average Realtor Doesn’t Do Email Well

The real estate industry has been pushing forward into the digital age recently. Many realtors are getting savvy about the importance of content marketing and social media. But email marketing is like exercising and eating the right foods: everyone knows it’s important and they should do it, but a relatively small number of people actually do.

If you are able to build a list, nurture it with valuable content, and attract new prospects, you will stand out. Even if you struggle at first with email marketing, you’ll still have an edge over the competition. This is especially true if you live in a more rural area that hasn’t fully grasped the digital age.

4. It Lets You Show Your Personality

At its core, like most other businesses, real estate is about people. People do business with others they like and trust. You could have decades of experience and a sterling track record in the business, but if someone doesn’t like you, there’s almost zero chance they’ll use you as their agent.

As a realtor, you probably already understand how to communicate and establish relationships with both clients and future prospects. But you can’t personally be everywhere at all times. How do you show off your own individual skills and experience?

The answer is email. Email allows you to show your personality to hundreds, even thousands of people, at the same time, without going anywhere.

5. Segmentation Allows You to Personalize Your Messaging

The other big way that email helps you establish relationships is through segmentation. This simply means dividing up your email list based on what your subscribers are interested in.

This is especially important if you work with both buyers and sellers. Someone who is selling their home likely has no interest in which areas are the hottest. Likewise, someone trying to buy doesn’t care about tips for staging their home.

With an email list, you can send different messages to the different kinds of people on your list. This can help you get listings or connect with buyers.

You can even segment them based on demographics like age or profession. The more targeted your message is, the more it will resonate with the people on your list.

6. It’s Easy to Automate

Few methods of marketing for realtors are as easy to automate as email. When you are cold calling, you have to make each phone call yourself. Going door to door to generate leads is even more time-intensive.

But with email, you can write one message and send it out to an entire community or group of people in seconds. You can spend an hour scheduling email for the week, then talk to people the entire rest of the week without any more effort.

And if you decide to hire a marketer or outside firm to help with your email, the effort level required from you is even lower.

7. Real Estate is Particularly Well Suited for Email

The real estate business is highly visual. We’ve all heard the stories of the buyer who walks into the home or even sees a picture of it and decides they want it immediately. Some of you may even have experienced this!

That’s because buying and selling a home is highly dependent on images. The best real estate agents know this. They take advantage of the sophisticated image and video technology available to present their listings in the best possible light.

This technology transfers over to emails easily. It’s simple to throw a gorgeous picture of your latest listing into an email. Savvy agents are even using virtual tours to show people how nice their homes are.

Email is well-suited for visual marketing, which is why it’s so great for real estate.

Don’t Wait to Start Email Marketing

By now, you should be convinced about email marketing if you weren’t already. It could be the key factor that separates you from competitors in your area. Plus, it shows prospects and clients that you are in touch with modern communication techniques.

If you are already running realtor email marketing and need some help improving your campaigns, check out the helpful real estate marketing articles on our site.