curb appeal ideas

The neighborhood drive by… An interested buyer will do it dozens of times in hopes of scoping out their potential future home.

To impress these buyers, you want to make sure your home has some serious curb appeal.

It takes an average of 3 weeks to sell a home. Yet, this timeframe fluctuates based on market trends, home maintenance, and price point. But the right curb appeal can increase your home’s value and can help it to sell quicker.

Check out these quick and easy curb appeal ideas to help sell your home fast.

1. Get a Green Thumb

Adding a little more greenery around your home can brighten things up and make a big impact. Use shrubs and bushes to fill in bare spots around your home’s perimeter. It will make your yard look lusher and stand out better.

Flowering plants add charm and color to your yard. Be sure to add new mulch over freshly planted landscaping.

A well-designed landscape can increase the perceived value of your home. These quick and easy landscaping ideas can get done on a weekend. Or you can hire a landscaper or gardener to help if you’re short on time.

2. Trim Your Hedges

After you’ve figured out your landscaping design, keep those hedges well maintained.

Trimming back your hedges, shrubs, and trees provide a better picture view of your home. A home that hides behind its foliage is harder to sell.

You’ll also want to keep your lawn mowed and prune your plants. This includes removing dead leaves and weeds. A manicured lawn is a cheap landscaping hack that every home seller should use.

All plants and greenery around the home should be healthy and thriving. Dead trees and plans should get removed.

3. Make Your Front Door More Friendly

It’s how you welcome guests into your home. Your front door holds serious curb appeal meaning to friends, neighbors, and buyers.

Consider the color of your front door. Changing it can add a pop of eye-catching color. Or you can choose to use a color that complements the style of the rest of the home.

Make your home more inviting with a proper welcome mat. Use small planters or lanterns to liven up your front stoop or porch.

Your door hardware also makes an impact. Update old address numbers on your home to something more modern and stylish.

4. Keep Property Signage Simple

The for sale sign is a real estate staple, yet one that should still appeal to buyers.

Branding will depend on the broker, but the sign itself should be in excellent condition. The sign’s design, printing, and holder should be of high quality.

A simple and clean sign is best to make an effective message. The realtor’s contact information should be clear and easy to find. A sign that looks worn or damaged should get replaced.

5. Dress up Your Windows

Be sure every single window in your home is clean and streak-free. It sets an impression that the home’s interior is well cared for.

Installing shutters can add character, style, and texture to your home’s exterior. Shutters combined with the right curb appeal landscaping makes for great exterior photos of your home. It will help sell your property online, which is where most buyers begin their search.

You’ll also want to think of how your window treatments look from the outside. Shades of different heights can throw off balance and look messy. The same goes for curtains that dont flow the same way.

6. Change with the Seasons

The market will provide you with tips on the right time to list your home. It’s a smart idea to use seasonal style to help sell your home.

Celebrate fall with planted mums on your front porch. Or add pumpkins on a stoop for a nice touch.

A beautiful handmade wreath hanging on a front door makes a festive impression. It also creates a warm and welcoming vibe for buyer walkthroughs.

You also want to pay attention to seasonal weather patterns. Snow and ice should always get removed from home entryways. Offer umbrellas for potential buyers to use during rainy season.

7. Make the Exterior Fresh and Clean

Your home’s exterior could likely use a deep cleaning, especially if its a lighter shade. Make it sparkle and shine using a pressure washer.

Most exterior siding materials can handle the power of a pressure wash. Yet, be careful if your home is older and made of brick. You won’t want to use a pressure washer as it can dislodge loose stones and mortar.

Don’t forget to wash your driveways and pavers. You can even re-seal your driveway if it’s looking worn and dated. Cleaning out your gutters is another maintenance item when selling your home.

Keeping a fresh and clean exterior includes a lawn that is free from toys, bikes, and yard tools. Conceal any clutter behind a closed garage door or in a shed.

8. Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

Undergoing a full exterior paint job can get pricey. Yet, you can update your exterior trim to change the appearance of your home. It’s best to go for a neutral color palette to appeal to all homebuyer tastes.

The same goes for sheds, garages, and other detached parts of the home. A fresh coat of paint on a garage door with new hardware can work wonders. The mailbox is another an easy fix that turns brand new with a fresh coat of paint.

Taking the time to bring these curb appeal ideas to life will attract all sorts of buyers. Yet, on some occasions, there is little or no time to prepare your home for sale. In this case, you may want to learn more about others ways to sell your home fast.

9. Spruce up Outdoor Living Areas

The ambiance of the backyard is as important as what buyers see from street level. More homebuyers prefer a well-designed outdoor living area over the home’s square footage.

Liven things up by adding comfortable seating and decor. An outdoor rug, planters and string lighting will help set the mood.

Even a small backyard garden or herb garden can attract the right buyer. Or consider adding an outdoor trellis or pergola.

A worn deck can get re-stained to look brand new. You should also make repairs to broken pavers or fencing. These easy and cheap landscaping ideas make all the difference to buyers.

10. Leave the Light On

Interested buyers will also check out your property at night. They want to see how secure it looks and feels.

Leave some exterior lighting on to make the home look welcoming even after hours. Landscape lighting will also enhance your home’s features. It sets a nice mood and creates an added safety measure that the buyer will appreciate.

Curb Appeal Ideas to Sell Your Home Fast

So you’ve attracted the attention of many buyers by incorporating a few of these curb appeal ideas. Now what?

Your home’s interior should match the style, cleanliness, and care of your exterior. Here’s more on how to stage your home’s interior to sell fast.