smart home upgrades

So you’ve done all the obvious things: deep cleaned, painted, landscaped, and decluttered. However, there is one more thing you can do to make your home more attractive to buyers.

We’re living in the age of incredible technology, and advances in smart home tech can mean lower energy costs and increased enjoyment. As you gear up to sell, you’d be wise to consider some tech upgrades that will excite shoppers.

If you plan to put your home on the market, here are five smart home upgrades that potential buyers will love.

1. Add a Smart Thermostat

For a relatively low cost, adding a smart thermostat to your home can be one of the best tech upgrades for your home.

Smart thermostats allow homeowners to control heating and cooling remotely, and also feature automatic programming options that let you put your heating and cooling on a timer.

In addition to the convenience, this will also help you save money on utility bills in the long term by making the home more energy efficient.

2. Install a Smart Smoke Alarm

It’s hard to put a price on peace of mind, and a smart smoke alarm/carbon monoxide detector will give you just that.

These alarms can alert you via your mobile device when they’re activated. They can also more accurately pinpoint where the fire or CO2 leak is located in the home.

Bonus — you’ll get a mobile alert when the batteries are running low, so you won’t need to deal with obnoxious chirping.

3. Detect Moisture with Smart Leak Sensors

Water is one of a home’s worst enemies, and the damage it can cause can sneak up. Moisture issues, if left unchecked, can cause mold or even structural damage to a home.

Make a leak detector part of your smarthome design for added peace of mind. You (and your home’s new owners) will rest easier knowing that they’ll get alerted to leaks, humidity, or moisture issues before they become an expensive nightmare.

4. Get a Smarter Door Bell

For additional home safety and peace of mind, a smart doorbell is an excellent, affordable investment.

Cameras on smart doorbells activate when they detect motion and capture footage of what’s happening on your doorstep. You can see who is ringing via a mobile device and also keep an eye on your door when you’re not home.

A smart doorbell is a great investment for anyone who receives a lot of packages — which, let’s face it, is basically all of us.

5. Get Protected with Smart Home Security

Perhaps one the best tech upgrades for your home is a smart security system. From a mobile device, you’ll be able to lock and unlock doors, turn lights on and off, monitor alarms, and check that you really did close the garage door this morning.

Would-be homebuyers will appreciate knowing they’re safer at home since you took the step to install smart home security.

Smart Home Upgrades Are One Piece of the Home-Selling Puzzle

Installing the right smart home upgrades before you list your house is a great idea. However, there are many other enhancements to consider.

Don’t go it alone! Selling doesn’t need to be stressful. Check out the other helpful articles in the home sellers section of our blog, and you’ll be ready to list in no time!