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New home buyers are overwhelming interested in buying single-family homes, so if you have one to sell, it’s up to you to get it ready from the inside out.

Upping your homes curb appeal before you put it on the market is one of the most important things you can do to attract buyers. The first thing they’ll see is your front yard landscaping and porch, so if it’s looking shabby, you won’t get very far.

Read on to discover how you can improve your curb appeal and get your home ready to sell quickly.

1. Add Planters For Easy Front Yard Landscaping

Plant flowers and shrubs in the front garden of your home to add color and visual interest to your property.

Put planters on your porch, your steps, or on the sides of your garage. Hanging basket planters can be hung from rafters of large porches to add a pretty touch as well. You can find planters in all sizes and with a variety of plants inside so you can pick planters for spring, summer, or fall.

2. Don’t Forget Your Walkway

Your walkway is an important part of your front yard space. Make an effort to keep your front porch and entry steps swept and free from dirt and debris.

If you want to invest a little more to really take your walkway to the next level, consider using unexpected bricks or stones to lead up to the house instead of standard cement. Line the sides of your walkway with unique lighting or shrubs to create a welcoming path towards the door.

3. Create Contrast

Adding some contrast is one of the easiest and most effective ways to boost your home’s curb appeal and make your house stand out among the others on your street.

Some people shy away from adding a strong contrast to the exterior of their home, whether in their materials used or the colors of their paint. However, if done well, a bold contrast can look quite striking. Think a white house with black shutters, a light grey home with a pale yellow door, brick trim against wood paneling, and so forth.

4. Play Up a Pretty Fence

Have a pretty picket fence out front? Play it up with a coat of fresh paint. Plant lots of flowers around the base of the fence or add climbing vines.

If you don’t already have a fence, you don’t have a large yard to install one. Even your small property can enjoy the curb appeal of a charming fence. Opt for a wrought iron fence for extra appeal and durability.

5. Add a Porch Swing or Bench

There’s nothing more inviting than a well-maintained house surrounded by beautiful flowers and shady trees than a traditional porch swing beckoning from the front porch. Wooden swings, in particular, provide a classic touch. Throw on some cozy pillows and comfy seat cushions and you’ve got instant curb appeal.

If your porch is too small for a full porch swing, you can opt for a smaller wooden bench or a rocking chair or two instead and enjoy the same effect.

6. Utilize Bright Colors

Paint makes it so easy to create curb appeal. Don’t be afraid to have fun with bright colors. Perhaps you decide to repaint your entire house or maybe you just stick to the door and the window frames.

Paint your porch bench a bright, eye-catching hue or add stripes to your awnings in colors that bring out those in your front yard landscaping. You may be surprised how far a coat of paint can go in adding visual appeal to your home.

7. Don’t Forget the Mailbox

A worn out, cheap, or oddly placed mailbox can taint an otherwise beautiful front yard. If you have an old mailbox that doesn’t complement the rest of your home and surrounding yard, give it a complete makeover. You can either replace it completely or give it a fresh layer of new paint.

There are so many fun mailboxes to choose from these days, from traditional to contemporary, to funky and fun. Even if you keep the rest of your outside decor simple and understated, you can spice things up with a mailbox that is out of the ordinary.

8. Experiment With Outdoor Lighting

Adding shrubs, flowers, planters, and trees can do a lot to add curb appeal during the daylight hours, but don’t forget to consider how your home looks after the sun goes down. Decorative lights can make or break your curb appeal at night.

Look for ways to add decorative lights along pathways, scattered throughout your lawn, on your porch or hanging from the eaves of your patio. You might want to exchange your house’s old exterior lights for new, more modern fixtures.

9. Add Window Boxes or Shutters

Dress up your windows by adding shutters or window boxes beneath them. Plant flowers inside these window boxes to bring the landscaped look full circle. These are easy additions you can make to spruce up your home’s exterior and make it look more complete.

10. Make Sure Your Landscaping is Up to Par

It goes without saying that your overall front yard landscaping should be in tip-top condition to create real curb appeal and attract potential buyers if your home is on the market.

Hire a professional landscaper like HTA Companies Inc. to help you design a landscape layout that works for your yard. They can help you with choosing flowers and plants that are right for your climate and that fit your ability to maintain.

Professional landscaping can make even an older home look fresh and put together and help give the impression that the rest of the home has been well cared for.

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