common plumbing problems

Did you know that 34 percent of homeowners in 2017 were first-time buyers?

It’s a great feeling to be able to own a home because it’s something that’s YOURS. Unfortunately, because you own the home, you’re the one responsible for any necessary repairs like you would when renting.

Don’t fret. Here are 5 common plumbing problems that you may face as a new homeowner.

1. Dripping Faucets

It’s impossible to find a homeowner that hasn’t come across this problem. People don’t realize how much water they’re wasting from a dripping faucet.

Did you know that 15,140 drips from your faucet equal one gallon? Wasting water can also increase your water bill and cost you more money.

So why is that happening? Chances are an internal washer tore or worn out over time. Fixing the problem is easy, but requires the proper tools if you don’t want to call a professional.

2. Slow Draining Sink

What could be blocking your drains? Hair? The kitchen sink may have food clogged in it.

Clearing a clogged sink is like clearing a clogged toilet, use a plunger. Pour baking soda and vinegar down the drain, or use a plumber’s snake. If the problem isn’t fixed, your drains will be completely blocked causing an even bigger headache.

If you chose to use chemicals,

  • Follow the directions on the packaging
  • Wear gloves
  • Don’t mix chemicals! Remember Chemistry Class?
  • Pour the chemicals down the drain

3. Running Toilet

The most common reason behind a running toilet is a faulty flapper valve. This is an easy fix using a toilet repair kit at your local hardware store.

If your water bill is still high, check for potential leaks. Put food coloring in the tank and see if it makes its way to the bowl without you flushing.

4. Low Water Pressure

If you bought an older home, chances are you may be the victim of low water pressure.

Pipes get worn out. If the shower is the main problem, soak your showerhead in vinegar or replace it.

Never heard of cleaning a shower head with vinegar?

  • Take it off and clean any soap residue.
  • Use a toothbrush soaked in vinegar to scrub it.
  • Use a toothpick to poke off any loose scum.
  • Soak the parts in vinegar overnight.

5. Sewer Backups

Gross! One of the worst issues you can have as a new homeowner. How this works is the backup is on your property, it’s your problem. If it’s on the street, call the water company.

Unfortunately, you may have to call a plumber to locate the blockage. They may discover more than you think.

The best case scenario is it’s an issue for the water company so you won’t get charged!

Common Plumbing Problems Solved!

Now that you know what the common plumbing problems are for a new homeowner, there’s no need to go into panic mode. Things are going to break and need repair.

If you have any questions about your home or know someone else who’s in the market, let Bonnie Roberts Realty help! Contact us today and let’s make home dreams come true!