tips for staging your home

Given that the average person moves more than 10 times in their life, it’s not inconceivable that you could sell a home once or twice.

The dance of waiting for a home to sell so that you can move into a new home is exhausting and you could be waiting in limbo for a while. Following a few simple tips for staging your home will allow you to make the whole process fly by.

Here are 4 tips you need to follow to ensure that your house sells as fast as a great property like yours should.

1. Pack it Up

Before you start showing your home to potential buyers, you need to clear out all of the clutter that’s getting in the way of your lovely home’s true beauty. While you shouldn’t empty out the house entirely, it’s time to take piles of mail, magazines, or unnecessary odds and ends out.

If you plan to keep most of the things that you’re moving out of the way, just put them in a box and put them away in the attic. While people will want to see every nook and cranny of a home before they buy it, no one will judge you for having a few boxes of storage.

Whether you have to put things in the garage or into closets, getting the clutter out of the way lets your home feel spacious. You need every corner and every surface to shine. It’s hard for your potential buyers to project living in your home if there is too much in the way.

Don’t just pile things into a corner that buyers could find. That might serve you worse in the end. Take the opportunity to really pack things up.

Since you’ll be moving out of the house anyway, this is a perfect opportunity to go through junk drawers and storage spaces. Instead of leaving them until the last minute, take care of it all now.

2. Buy or Borrow Furniture

If you’ve already moved into a new home, you might have taken all of your furniture with you.

Even though the new owners of your home will want to put their own furniture in the space, they’ll want to get an idea of what can look good. Without any furniture at all, they won’t be able to get a good estimate.

You might have to rent or borrow some furniture from someone. If you’re thinking of buying some new furniture for your new home, you could always stage with the new furniture or move your old stuff back into your old home.

A furniture rent-to-own company might be able to offer a deal to you for the temporary period of your staging.

If you have friends who have a summer or winter home nearby that’s vacant, as if you can borrow some of their furniture. If you can get ahold of nice furniture, at least for some photos, it won’t be hard to sell your home.

3. Make it Pop

When people visit your home, they want to be surprised by finding something new and exciting. While you might want to keep your home’s rustic or super modern vibe, you can always find a way to make it pop. If painting your splash wall a bright and bold color is too much, there’s a lot more you could try.

Add some new foliage to your space. Whenever you’ve got a showing or if you’re going to be taking photos, try adding some flowers to tables and countertops.

The color of the plants adds life to photos and a sense of activity to the space when visitors come for a showing.

Even if you’ve got fairly neutral colored walls, paint tends to dull over time. A new coat of paint, even on a white wall, could add some new brightness and energy to the space. A dull wall will be much harder to get people excited about than one that’s bright and freshly painted.

Make the most of your natural light sources as well. Take photos during a variety of times during the day. While you’ll need some indoor light to evenly light the space, showing off bright big windows can entice and excite viewers before they see the home.

4. Your Sale Starts With the Lawn

People start thinking about a home as soon as they pull their car up to the property. Whether selling a house in a dense city block or a mansion in the country, you need to make the whole experience visually appealing.

“Curb appeal” means that your driveway, lawn, trees, and lawn all look clean and tidy.

Hire a professional landscaper to make some basic changes to your property if you’ve never had anyone take a look. By adding some mulch to bushes, pruning hedges, tidying up a garden, or trimming your trees, your house could go from quaint to perfect.

If you haven’t repaved your driveway in the years you’ve been there, consider the cost of adding a new coat of tar.

Don’t forget your roof. If you haven’t taken a look, make sure that your shingles and flashing looks good, with no visible tears or holes. Clean your gutters to make sure that a sudden storm during the selling period doesn’t ruin the hard work that you’ve put into your exterior.

Tips For Staging Your Home

You can follow all of these tips for staging your home without spending too much money or going into debt. In fact, if you take your time and work carefully, most of them can be done on a DIY basis.

You’ll be able to ask for more when your house is staged well and you might just turn a profit on the whole affair.

If you want to make sure your house moves off the market as soon as possible, check out our guide for the hottest home marketing tips.