how to choose kitchen cabinets

The kitchen is known as the heart of the home. It’s also the primary selling point for most homes. A kitchen remodeling can bring an increase in value by $83 for every $100 spent. That’s by far the greatest return on investment out of all areas of the home.

If you’re looking at upgrading your kitchen cabinetry, you’ve come to the right places. Cabinets can vary wildly in quality and style, so it’s important to plan before you decide to go shopping. If you aren’t sure how to choose kitchen cabinets for your home, just start with the basics.

In this guide, you’ll show you how to plan financially, stylistically, and functionally. When you break down each decision into categories, remodeling starts to look a lot less intimidating.

Do the Math

The cost of installing new cabinets can really spiral out of control if you don’t set clear expectations. Kitchen cabinets can be handmade, customized with some preassembly, or completely premade. The prices between the three ranges from $70 per foot to $500 per foot.

At the bottom of the list is your cabinet-in-a-box setup from big box stores. Ikea is included in this category, except you actually, need to put the pieces together. The concept is the same though, measurements are set and styles aren’t customizable.

Somewhere in the middle, you’ll find cabinet supplies that can be modified to fit your kitchen. These measurements can be fairly flexible, offering a near-perfect match. Style selection can still feel limiting, but it’s what most people can afford.

If your budget is much higher, in the 5-digit range, then you can simply order exact specifications, hand-carved accents, and more. The only limit is your imagination.

Enhancing Your Kitchen

You can’t just throw any style cabinet into your kitchen to increase the home’s value. Even if you spent thousands on the upgrade, you need to know how to stage your home and make it pop. The style is what excites buyers and leaves a strong lasting impression.

You could go for frameless cabinets if you want a more modern, contemporary-looking kitchen. Framed cabinets can bring out a classic American home-style, which is great for homes in the south.

Whatever your decision is, make sure your cabinets go together cohesively with your countertops, floors, walls, windows and large appliances, if you can. People love being in spaces where every decision looks intentional and everything belongs together. Think about creating a theme and shopping for the small kitchen tools and decorative pieces to bring it all together.

Cabinet Features

Whatever you do, don’t throw in some basic cabinets without anything in them but shelves. The quality of life upgrades may seem expensive, but they can truly transform the way the kitchen is used. Think about all the situations where you’re hunting for extra outlets, lighting, or quick access to a small appliance.

Even a simple trash bin drawer can seem luxurious if you’ve used outside trash cans your whole life. Cabinets with additional storage compartments that slide out are also nice, but possibly unnecessary. Instead, opt for integrated cabinet lighting.

Fumbling for light switches when trying to grab a light night snack is the worse. Almost as bad as staring into the blazingly-bright fridge light, burning your corneas. LED lights can be installed inside the drawers and doors, which will activate by a motion sensor.

Never compromise on build quality if you feel like your features are requiring too many modifications.

Built to Last

Cabinetry is a little tricky when it comes to gauging quality. On one hand, you don’t want any cheap timber and particle board involved. On the other hand, you don’t need mahogany or ebony wood cabinets to make a statement. You’ll also want to consider the actual craftsmanship that goes into designing and execution.

If your cabinet measurements are just a little bit off, it’s going to come off as lower-quality to the uninitiated. Discover more about quality cabinets and the various price ranges for different types of wood and style.

Fit Your Lifestyle

At the end of the day, your cabinets have to match your style of living. If your home is built on sustainability and environmental principles, make sure you know where your cabinets are coming from. Research the materials and how they are being made, so that they don’t contain toxic compounds.

Are they pressure-treated? You would be surprised at just how much moisture the kitchen generates. Over the years, the wood can start to lose its integrity, especially cabinets near and around the stove or sink.

Try not to choose strictly based on aesthetics. There are plenty of cabinets out there that look very sleek, has modern features, and are affordable, but can be very thin and lack customizations. Find a happy medium that allows you to get a stylish, yet functional set of cabinets with high build-quality.

How to Choose Cabinets for Greater Value

We hope this guide has opened your eyes a bit to see cabinets for all that they can offer. From increasing home value to improving the way you use your kitchen, cabinets are the way to go. Consider planning your cabinet remodeling with a repainting or tiling to get the best impact.

If you are planning on using this remodeling project specifically to improve your home’s curb appeal, consider your lighting as well. Natural lighting should be featured, but if your indoor lighting isn’t enough to reach fine print, it’s not enough.

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