best paint colors for selling a house

If you’re selling your house, you know that curb appeal is king.

The exterior of your home is the first thing buyers see. If it doesn’t wow them, it won’t matter if the interior is immaculate. No one will get past the front door to see it. Curb Appeal 101 calls for beautiful landscaping, a nice garage door, details like potted flowers on the stoop or hanging Boston ferns, and a great exterior color.

As you might have guessed, there are real estate experts who have researched the best paint colors for selling a house. Keep reading to learn more.

What are the Best Paint Colors for Selling a House?

The color of your home’s exterior can boost resale value and add curb appeal. As a general rule, these colors will be neutral and timeless. They should highlight the best aspects of the home while reflecting its style, location, and characteristics.

Here are some expert-recommended options for the perfect exterior home color.

1. Greige

“Greige” is a trendy word for a color that is part gray and part beige. Beige itself can be a tad bland, and gray might seem too cold. Enter griege, the best of both worlds. Here’s an example of how beautiful a classic greige home can look from Textbook Painting.

Greige can lend itself to either warm or cool color schemes, which appeals to buyers who prefer one or the other and will appreciate having that flexibility in their exterior color.

Greige is definitely an on-trend color; however, it’s neutral enough that it won’t soon become outdated. If you’re having a hard time determining what color to paint for resale, you might choose greige for the simple reason that homes painted greige sell for, on average, $3,496 more than similar homes painted brown.

2. Yellow

Ok, hear us out. We definitely don’t mean bright banana or neon yellow. Instead, imagine a subtle, understated, buttery yellow, or a golden, wheat-inspired hue.

Yellow is a cheery, welcoming color, which is an attractive trait for a home to exude. It’s a classic choice for smaller, bungalow-style homes. Pair it with white trim and green or gray shutters for a warm, fresh, timeless look.

Yellow, a great paint color that sells houses, is a wonderful option for homeowners with eclectic tastes and pairs wonderfully with homes that have a lot of character and charm.

3. Light Slate Blue

A light slate blue is another wonderful color scheme for boosting your home’s resale value and is one of the best paint colors for selling a house. The cool neutral shade looks amazing with white trim and dark shutters. For an even bigger impact, pair it with a complementary, eye-catching door color like deep red or bright yellow.

Like yellow, a blue exterior is completely classic but also just different enough to make your home stand out from the crowd. It can be used on large or small houses, and the nautical vibe makes it an especially great choice for homes in coastal cities.

4. Gray

If there is a current “it” shade for homes, gray would be the one. This super versatile, timeless color can work with any home.

Depending on your tastes, opt for a light gray with white trim, or a dark gray with black and red accents. No matter the age or style of your home, you can’t go wrong with gray.

One reason gray is such a favorable color for homes is that it’s endlessly versatile, and the new owners will see that they can put their own stamp on it. It pairs well with other timeless neutrals like black and white, but it also looks great with bold accents like red, yellow, and teal — much better than a beige exterior would.

5. Sage Green

Is your house in the woods or on a large, treed lot? If so, beautiful, earthy sage green might be the perfect option for you.

This great color will pair perfectly with black shutters or a creamy off-white trim. It also looks great if you have warm brick, stone, or cedar shake accents. It’s a great, cozy color for classic bungalows, craftsman-style architecture, or small cottages on the water.

6. White

White is the ultimate classic in exterior home colors, and the perfect paint color for selling your house.

You can opt for a monochromatic scheme with white on white. You can do white with black trim, white with green trim, or white with a splash of bold color like a red front door.

White looks especially stunning on older, farmhouse-style homes or large, stately homes. It can be used with quaint Cape Cods, gorgeous plantations, clapboard beach cottages, farmhouses on the plains — or any old suburban home. It’s that classic!

7. Deep Blue

Looking for some “wow” factor while still choosing one of the best paint colors for resale? A deep blue hue might be what you’re looking for.

A rich, deep navy color is timeless, but also bold and unique. It looks amazing with white trim or cedar shake accents. It’s a great color for smaller cottage style homes and also works with craftsmen or Cape Cod style homes.

For extra flair, pair it with a burgundy door.

8. Red

Although hearing “red exterior” might cause the same knee-jerk reaction as hearing “yellow exterior,” we don’t mean candy apple, fire engine red.

Instead, think of a deep brick or rich burgundy red paired with natural brick, white trim, and black shutters. This truly is a timeless look that will also stand out in the crowd. It can evoke the feeling of a classic farmhouse, and with today’s rustic farmhouse look being as trendy as it is, a red exterior can be an attractive selling point!

Looking for More Helpful Home Selling Tips?

We hope this article has been helpful if you’ve been researching the best paint colors for selling a house. Remember, the best advice is to keep it neutral and classic!

If you’re gearing up to sell, check out our home sellers advice blog for more information as you ready your home for the market.